Not the Dippin' Dots! They concession trailer for Dippin' Dots that could be seen at events around Twin Falls has been stolen. If you see it please contact the Twin Falls Police Department.

According to the Facebook post, the black concession trailer was stolen last week and the owners are looking for it. If you do see it make sure you contact authorities. It is a black concession trailer with a window on the driver side. It had a generator on the front of it when the trailer was stolen. So not only is the trailer gone but the expensive generator is gone too.

It makes me really sad that stuff like this is happening around the area. That is someone's livelihood. I mean I love dippin dots as much if not more than the next person, I would love to be able to eat them every single day but I am not going to steal from someone. Come on man!

We are seeing more and more food trucks and concession trailers around the area and I don't know about you but I would really love to see more coming.

I really hope that the trailer gets returned to them with everything intact. I know that isn't very likely but I can hope. I feel bad for them. Maybe if it gets shared enough the trailer will be found and returned before the next big event.

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