Raising Money for Patches
KEZJ's Boomer reported that a Shetland pony by the name of Patches was stolen from it's Rupert home on Saturday night. An unknown individual attached Patches to their vehicle and dragged him for more than a mile on asphalt. The pony was then dragged down a gravel canal bank, ripping the sk…
Three PTA Moms Made 14 Million Dollars
I think we have all bought an entire pan of brownies in hopes of helping the PTA. It seems like every week there's another candy sale, or bake sale . . . or illegal Ponzi scheme?
According to three PTA moms have been arrested for running a Ponzi scheme that earned more than 14 million…
A Man Is Busted For Proposing with a Stolen Ring
Over the weekend, 21-year-old Robert Driscoll of Trafford, Pennsylvania wanted to propose to his girlfriend, 20-year-old Crystal Yamnitsky.  But he didn't have any money.
So while they were at a party at a friend's house, Robert STOLE that friend's engagement ring.  And then he gave it to Crystal.