Is it just me? There is no way that every road I use between work and home is affected by construction by accident. There is either construction on the road or being diverted onto the road from another construction area. How did this happen? Is there a magical creature following me and trying to jinx my commute? Am I being punked?

It's not just me, 4 people at work talked about the interesting patterns necessary to circumnavigate the road work in order to get home.

What is going on with construction work on roads in Twin Falls?

Part of the answer is scheduled maintenance. Evidently, there is a chip seal project in progress. This is a good thing. Maintaining roads for safe and pleasant travel is definitely a necessary process. It would appear that this year, Twin Falls will be performing chip seal in Zone 3.

The City of Twin Falls says businesses and residents in the affected area will be given notice at least a day ahead of time in order to prepare. That’s good. I’m sure advanced knowledge is vital to make preparations to move any vehicles and hazards off the road.

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So, what about people who don’t live or work on those roads, but use them to get home? Is there a schedule available as to when diversions are going to happen? Nope. There is no time stamp available for when each street will be serviced. How to get home has become a rat and maze game. Not sure I want to play. Can I get the cheat codes?
There is, however,  a list of how many square yards of material will be used for each street and alley. Well, that’s good information for drivers on a summer afternoon when they want to get home to the kiddie pool in the backyard.

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It may be an inconvenience, but the result is a nice smooth road leading home and to work. Suck it up, buttercup. It’s going to be a bumpy drive.

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