Smooth, well-maintained roads are what we all love to drive on. Roadwork is a despised requirement to get roads and interchanges running as smoothly as we like them.

While we all patiently maneuver through our local city areas and the road chip seal projects going on right now, the hope is that maybe there is a moment of relief when we get to the freeway. I’m not sure where that hope is founded, but let’s dash them to pieces right now.

What I-84 Roadwork is Going On Between Twin Falls and Jerome?

The Idaho Transportation Department has advised that construction has begun on the I-84 and US-93 interchange on and off ramps. Exit 173 will be the focus north of Twin Falls to work on ramps, signals, and a right turn lane for the off-ramp of I-84.

Travelers at the interchange can expect to see lane reductions. Gravel surfaces will be in effect during the day and closures of ramps will occur between the hours of 8 PM and 5 AM. Closures should last approximately four nights. Drivers will need to find alternate routes when closures are active.

Motorists should be aware that there will be variable speed signs in the area between South Jerome and Twin Falls on I-84. The posted speed is 70 MPH through this area, but this limit will change when crews are working near traffic. These variable speed signs are not expected to be removed until the fall of 2025.

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The good news is most of the worst time-consuming lane closing work will occur at night. Once the work is done, traffic flow will be improved. Then we can have our smooth, well-maintained roads once more with a newly improved interchange to boot.

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