There have been grumblings about the weather this spring. Everywhere around town, I hear complaints about the bad weather. My husband is constantly whining that he was playing golf this time last year. But, I think this is normal spring weather. It always seems to snow on Easter and Mother’s Day, right?

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To solve the family grumbling, we made a bet. If I win, my husband makes dinner for the week, and it can’t be fast food. If he wins, it’s golf on TV for the weekend. We picked a recent day, April 3rd, as our subject date. This year, there was frozen slush on the windshield to scrape off at 9 AM with a high of 38 and low of 27, and stupid wind chill. I can understand his frustration, but I don’t think it’s anything that hasn’t happened in the past. Don’t we all spin the story to our benefit anyway? Now it’s time for the historical evidence to see if this spring has been exceptionally challenging for golfers.

attachment-April 3rd

2022 was pretty nice, it looks like it could have been golfing weather with hardly any wind. I lose last year. The year before was not as nice, but golf pants with a sweater could have happened. This is not looking as good for my weekend viewing options.

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If we go back 5 years, because the last 2 are just too recent, and half a decade still can’t get me a win. So, as a last-ditch effort for something to get me a win, a full decade ago will give a full view. It was 2013 - oh come on, am I really that clueless about Idaho weather? Looks like my husband gets to watch golf all weekend. I need the nap anyway.

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