We have all been a little on edge lately with this Coronavirus thing. It seems like everything is so uncertain and we don't know which way to look. This cat at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is the perfect embodiment to how we all feel right now.

This kitty is up for adoption so if you want to play with it while you are quarantined contact the Twin Falls Animal Shelter.

The best thing about this video is the cats reaction to the feather. It seems uninterested, like all of us were to the Coronavirus. Then out of nowhere, when it has it's back turned, it gets smacked in the back of the head. Then can't seem to get ahead of it. The kitty swats at it, smacks it around a bit and the thing just keeps coming back.

Finally the only solution for the cat is to either drive itself crazy chasing it or just ignore it and let it do whatever it wants. I swear Idahoans are the cat and the Coronavirus is this feather. Or maybe I just wanted to distract everyone from all the chaos and give you a smile. It is hard not to smile while watching this video. So enjoy life for a little while, smile a little bit more.

And remember, please don't panic, don't hoard and stop buying all the toilet paper. It won't help you.

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