Friends Furever Animal Rescue is a non profit organization that helps animals lost or hurt in the Magic Valley. They recently shared a story of what I think is a Christmas miracle, a dog with puppies that didn't look like she was going to make it.

Daisy and her puppies were found in Jerome county on December 13th in a ditch. They were taken by Friends Furever Animal Rescue and got checked up. Fortunately Daisy is a protective mom, unfortunately that means she was a growler and nipper. Once she was with her foster family she started warming up to her temporary mom and knew someone was trying to help her and the puppies.

Daisy ended up being fairly sick, they found out that she had a UTI and they found trash in her stool. The vet took care of her thankfully and the bleeding had stopped. Daisy was able to return to her babies. Daisy stopped growling and nipping. She even wagged her tail when she saw her foster mom. Unfortunately, that isn't where her story ends.

Daisy on December 22nd ended up with the vet again. Daisy had fluids built up in her abdomen and the vet said she was full of parasites. She was declared in critical condition. The Idaho Humane Society ended up taking the puppies and bottle fed them while Daisy was being treated. It turned into a waiting game.

On Christmas, Friends Furever Animal Rescue announced that Daisy once again was reunited with her puppies and is feeling better. Daisy is back to taking care of herself and her puppies. The Friends Furever Animal Shelter said their volunteer Mary was able to find Daisy just in time and saved her and the puppies.

Hopefully some time soon Daisy and her pups will be able to find their forever home.

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