I have not had the means or opportunity until this year to think about a fun senior trip. I know some parents send their kids off with their friends on huge getaways, but I want to go with her. This may be one of the few chances for us to do something together before she is too involved in other things.

I also have to consider a budget. I have to curb expectations and look a bit closer to home. I need something she’ll like, but not require 4 stamps in the passport. She’s not going to backpack across the Adirondack Mountains. She’s not averse to walking outdoors, but not up and down in elevation on unsure footing. Think of a tourist, not an adventurer.

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She’s never been on a train. She’s never been on a plane. I could fly her somewhere, go on a train trip and go home. Maybe we can take shorter train trips between different places so we can sightsee, then fly home. It’s a bit of a sleepy vacation, but I think she would go.

One of her biggest loves is roller coasters. A trip to Orlando can get 2 birds with one stone as well. The flight that some people dread is something she wants to do. Then we take in multiple theme parks in great weather. Maybe even try stuff I’ve never done while we’re there. A secondary trip to Everglades National Park sounds super fun as long as I don’t make her hike. Airboat tour perhaps?

Maybe a trip back to where she was born. She spent the first 5 years of her life in New Mexico but doesn’t know much more than the family we visit there. A road trip home including stops for goofy tourist traps on our way down to Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, and The Blue Hole. Then, convince her to go on a rafting ride down the Rio Grande.

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I’m certainly not averse to staying close to home, but I can do that in stops and starts. That’s a weekend trip out. That kind of outing she can do with her friends.

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