It seems to be a debate every single year that Halloween doesn't fall on a weekend. With it being a Monday this year, it makes things even more complicated. When are you going to take your kids trick or treating? Does it matter that it is a school night? When should we expect to have kids ringing doorbells?

Trick-or-Treating in Twin Falls

When do you plan on going? Do you want to go on Saturday after some of the trunks or treat events so you don't have to dress the kids up twice? Are you going to go Sunday for the same reason? Maybe you are less busy on Sunday so it is more convenient for you. Or do you plan on going Monday? It is Halloween after all. Does it matter to you if it is a school night?

What People Handing Out Candy Can Expect

Honestly, I am going to be prepared to hand out candy each night. If someone comes knocking on my door I want to make sure I don't disappoint them and have to turn them away. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because giving candy to children makes them smile, and I get to see cool costumes and happy kids. Win Win.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you stay safe and have a good time. There are lots of trunk or treat events, there are plenty of ways to get kids candy even if you don't want to take them door to door. I know some people don't think it is safe anymore, but I hope that some people still come knocking on my door.

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