We have all complained about our boss. If you have a rude boss, you may complain about them on a daily basis. We found 10 more reasons to complain about a rude boss.

Here is a list of the worst things a boss can do from Jezebel:

  1. Interrupting.
  2. Being judgmental.
  3. Not showing interest in other people's opinions.
  4. Taking the best tasks, and leaving the worst ones for everyone else.
  5. Failing to pass along necessary information.
  6. Not saying please and thank you.
  7. Talking down to people.
  8. Taking too much credit for things.
  9. Swearing.
  10. Putting other people down.

The survey also asked for rude things CO-WORKERS do. The top answers included texting during meetings, taking you for granted, and always volunteering to do the EASY stuff.

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