The Magic Valley has had more snow days in the last week then they've had in the last 3 years. Snow days are great! It's an opportunity for families to stay home, build snowmen, drink hot chocolate, play games, etc.

But, what do you do when your kids have had two weeks off for Christmas, and over 3 days off for snow days?

We did some digging and found, what we think, are the best indoor kid activities. Even if you have done these activities in the past, we think they are worth repeating.

1. Build a massive fort - this sounds boring, and maybe too simple, but your kids can spend hours building a fort and the rest of the day camping out in the fort. Allow your kids to use ever chair and blanket in your house. Then find flash lights, books, stuffed animals, homemade fishing pools. Whatever you kids need to make their imaginations take over.

2. Make Unicorn Poop Slime - Don't judge me, I didn't name it. Rather you have boys or girls your kids will love this. You only need a few ingredients: borax, white school glue, food coloring, craft sticks and water. Get the exact details from

3. Treasure Hunt - Let one child write clues and hide items like toys, movies, snacks, etc. around your house. The rest of the children are given the clues and will search for the items. Depending on how many kids you have this could eat up an entire afternoon. And the child in charge will love hiding things from their siblings.

4. Character Hide-n-Seek - Use yarn, construction paper, markers and other craft items to make character masks. After the masks are made have your kids play hide-n-seek. Hulk hides while the Little Mermaid finds him. This can also be played in groups.

5. Indoor Field Day - If it's to cold or wet to go outside your kids will need to burn off some energy. Create and indoor field day. Make a hop scotch station, basketball hoop, jump rope, hula hoop, potato sack race with pillow cases, etc. There are lots of DIY ways to do this. I love this active because it's creative and active.

If you have more ideas, we would love to hear about them. Enjoy your snow day with your kids!

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