I really hate that we are already talking about snow, but I guess it is October in southern Idaho. Snow could have happened in August the way 2020 and Mother Nature work around here. Anyway, before it starts to get too cold and snowy out there, there are a few things you might want to do.

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  • 1

    Blow out your sprinklers

    After the first hard frost this week, if you haven't done it yet you really should consider it. The water might freeze and break your sprinklers leaving a rough spring ahead of you.

  • 2

    Clean your chimney

    Chimney fires happen all the time and most of the time it could have been prevented by a chimney sweep or even a cleaning log. Make sure before you start using that chimney it gets cleaned out.

  • 3

    Find your snow shovel

    Again, it is southern Idaho, snow could hit at any time at this point.

  • 4

    Cover your outdoor water faucet

    If those get too cold they can break as well.

  • 5

    Drain any water features, ponds or fountains

    Pretty much anything with water, drain it because water expands when it freezes and can break things.

  • 6

    Snow Tires

    Snow tires have been allowed on your vehicle from October 1st until April 30th. You might consider getting them put on soon.

  • 7

    Test your detectors

    Make sure you check all your carbon monoxide and fire detectors in the house.

  • 8

    Get the Snow blower/plow

    If you are the fancy type that has one, make sure you get it out of storage and make sure any maintenance is done before the first snow fall.

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