When I say tiny home, I mean truly tiny home. This home on wheels, what looks to be on a trailer, is 128 square feet of adorableness.

This home is 128 square feet but has a ton of charm. Right now it is listed on Zillow for $19,900. It has a bed and a bathroom, a dining and living area and surprisingly good amount of storage. I find the kitchen to be adorable as well. Plus with it on wheel you could pretty much take it anywhere you can find a place.

Tiny home on wheels for sale

I think this is the perfect little home for a single person, what a fun little bachelor pad it could be! I mean they really made the most out of the space they had. I would have so much fun with this thing. I would totally paint it a barn red. I wonder how they got it on the trailer, I am sure it was done by someone much smarter than me.

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