McCormick Spice

For those of you that enjoy a good dip, a recipe I recently stumbled upon is not only delicious, but shines the spotlight on Idaho's most well known vegetable.

My favorite dip of all time is probably a warmed Cheddar Queso. Combine that with a soft, buttery and salty baked pretzel, and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I also love those Hickory Farms Swiss Cheese Balls that are popular during the holidays. I could spread that stuff on a dead Komodo Dragon and be totally satisfied.

Well, thanks to the people at McCormick, I found a new dip that absolutely rocks. And here's the best part, the Idaho potato is the star of the show. The combination of bacon, russet potatoes, green onion, steak marinade, cheddar cheese and sour cream is magic.


For the full recipe of this Idaho Baked Potato Dip, click here.