Have you ever been to the diving board and park in the middle of nowhere in the Magic Valley? I have had the privilege of camping here a few times, though I never jumped off the diving board.

Seriously this place is pretty amazing. If you don't know where it is chances are you have only stumbled across it. You would never believe there is a beautiful diving board into the deep section of the small creek in the middle of nowhere.

I hope people don't hate me too bad for sharing this. The good news is, I can't tell anyone exactly how to get there because honestly, I don't remember exactly how to get there. We have gone and cleaned up the park area a few times, had a fire in the pit and enjoyed it. I have gone hunting out there a few times as well.

Hey Arnel captured it pretty awesome. He is definitely having a ton of fun and it makes me want to go out there just to dive in and say I did it.

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