Nothing seems quite as amazing as an Idaho summer. There's always somewhere to go and something exciting to do. Even if you're admiring the Shoshone Falls for the 50th time, or swimming at Dierke's lake (Diving off the rocks if you're brave, sitting on a float with a lifesaver jacket if you're me). Oh, and let's not forget about boating in the canyon. We have a chance for you to win a 2-Hour River Cruise at Centennial Park courtesy of Southern Idaho RV and Marine for you and up to 6 of your friends. That's right, fun for you AND your friends!

The cruise will start at Centennial Park and go up river to Pillar Falls, right beneath the Perrine Bridge.  You'll have the chance to fish or hike and enjoy a relaxing drift back down the river where you might even catch a glimpse of base jumpers at the Perrine Bridge!


What's not to love? Enter today for your chance to win!