Centennial Park

What’s the Best Way To Kill An Hour in Twin Falls?
What would you do with one more hour in the day?  Laundry?  Mow the lawn?  Sure that stuff does need to get done, but come on, here are some way more fun ideas on how to burn an hour in the greater Twin Falls area.
Fried chicken and Shoshone Falls
My mother-in-law and I share a love of Albertson's fri…
There’s Still Time – Win River Cruise At Centennial Park
Nothing seems quite as amazing as an Idaho summer. There's always somewhere to go and something exciting to do. Even if you're admiring the Shoshone Falls for the 50th time, or swimming at Dierke's lake (Diving off the rocks if you're brave, sitting on a float with a lifesaver jacket if you're me). …