Since Halloween is less than a month away, it is crunch time for figuring out your Halloween costume. You may not plan on going door-to-door with your kids to get candy but it's still Halloween so you should dress up. I've learned, finally, in my old age that not all costumes turn out as well as planned. We probably all have at least one example, with a hilariously tragic story to accompany it, where your costume ended up being more of a disaster than you could have imagined. I have multiple stories like that.

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I made the classic mistake when I was about 10 years old of going as a ghost. I grabbed a sheet and cut holes for eyes and headed out with my friends. It turns out that a sheet doesn't magically stay in place. I fought the entire night to keep the eye holes lined up with my eyes so I could see. Each time I raised my arm to get candy would move the sheet and obscure my vision.

A few years ago the weather forecast was supposed to be chilly so I decided I'd dress as a skier. That costume was a mistake on so many levels. The weather was actually warm so I was melting in my winter coat and snow pants. Wearing actual skis turned out to be more of an issue than I planned too. Sliding around was fun for a while but I was exhausted by the end and I ran into more than a few ankles of those around me.

One time I dressed as a ghost pirate, but what it really looked like was a mess. I really overthought the costume and decided to not do a traditional 'Pirates of the Caribbean' style costume and went with a maroon merchant style pirate. I painted black around my eyes and nose and proceeded to confuse everyone I encountered that night.

Honestly, I think last year was the first year where my costume went as planned. I bought an actual Stormtrooper costume. It fit well and everyone knew what I was. Do you have any Halloween costume horror stories?

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