Idahoans are pretty good at grilling any ole weekend, but Labor Day makes for one of the top grilling weekends of the year and therefore we will kick it up a notch. 

The top things to grill during Labor Day weekend, according to Super Market News are:

Hamburger: 68%
Hot Dog: 51%
Barbecued chicken: 43%
Steak: 40%
Ribs: 39%
Tacos or fajitas: 15%
Sausage or bratwurst: 14%
Barbecued seafood: 10%
Shish kabobs and skewers: 8%
Veggie burger: 5%

Where's the brisket?  Maybe that huge hunk of meat is better on the smoker, so they didn't put it toward the grilling count.  But brisket seems pretty essential on a holiday weekend because it takes a long time, and that gives master grillers the opportunity to hang out by the grill for hours fiddling with the meat, and drinkin' too.  With burgers and hot dogs, we barely get the grill started and the burgers and dogs are done.  We need time for beverages and lawn darts.

If you're in the mood for something besides the usual, Taste Of Home posted a recipe for Barbecue Chicken Pizza that caught my eye.  Grilled pizza crust is so good!  And this uses a tube of refrigerated pizza crust.  How easy is that?  They use Gouda cheese, but you could make it more Texas-y with some cheddar if you wanted.  They've also posted recipes for Italian Sausage Sandwiches and Mexican Street Corn.  The inspiration is HERE.

We're planning to grill steaks at my house this weekend, plus avocados, pineapple, and peaches.  The fruit is easy to grill, and it's surprisingly good when it's warm and combined with vanilla ice cream.  In fact, who needs the steak at that point, really.

Supermarket News says the top side dishes are:

Potato salad: 64%
Potato chips: 60%
Corn on the cob: 49%
Watermelon: 48%
Grilled or cooked potatoes: 47%
Baked beans: 44%
Grilled veggies: 32%
Green salad: 30%
Macaroni salad: 29%
Coleslaw: 28%

Whatever you decide on, I'm sure it will be awesome.  And thanks for that wonderful grilling aroma that will be wafting across the Treasure Valley, that some of us may bottle and wear as perfume.  This will be a good weekend.

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