Considering that travel in inclement weather should always be considered when making travel plans, how many in Idaho will be home for the holidays? There are plenty of people who stay home and stay safe, but there are others who need that in-person connection with friends and family who will wait in lines, suffer flight delays, and brave the elements to see loved ones for the holidays.

How Many People Will Be Working in Idaho for the Holidays?

With a population of almost 1.94 million people in Idaho, how many of those people will be taking vacation through the end of the year? Some avoid the Christmas rush and travel for the New Year, but that is still considered the holiday travel period. If 660,000 Idahoans bail on their duties, that leaves a skeleton crew of people left to do all the work.

When Are the Busiest Days to Travel?

One-third of Idaho will be taking to the skies, rails, or roads during the last couple weeks of the year. Include that over the whole U.S. and it looks like 115.2 million people will be on the move from December 23rd through January 1st. That’s more vacationers than the 4th of July and Thanksgiving put together.

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90% of people traveling for the holiday are expected to go by car. Heaviest road travel is expected after 10 AM on December 23rd and throughout December 30th. Idaho sits at an average of $3.44 per gallon of gas which is $.36 less than last year.

Top 10 Worst States For A Holiday Vacation

The study took into account several factors, such as snow likelihood, availability and affordability of accommodations, the number of winter markets, shopping facilities, and overall festive atmosphere. Unfortunately, Idaho fell short in these categories, dimming its holiday appeal.

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