We know Perry, There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays. But, there is a serious added risk of either getting stuck there or worse in transit if you are traveling through a winter weather area.

Flying For Christmas is No Holiday

People living in a temperate climate for the holidays will never understand the issue of being stuck at an airport because of a blizzard piling up snow too fast for plows to keep up with or planes that can't maintain deicing long enough to get in the air. Or, once you get to a destination, not be able to get back home because you’re snowed in.

You cannot possibly know 3 months in advance if there is going to be bad weather for your flight. Why book it? Is it worth it to risk the travel headache and possible missed work just to deliver presents, or eat with everyone at the same table? There are options in this age of technology. Mail the gifts (yes it is not cheap, but flights that have to be rescheduled are more expensive than shipping) and Zoom the gift exchange.

Driving in Bad Weather For the Holidays is No Celebration

Oh, you plan on driving? Driving does give a bigger option for bailing out last minute. Or, you can risk the weather. I’m pretty confident in my snow and ice driving, but every trip behind the wheel has risks. Bad road conditions just compound the problem. Some opt to stay home instead of driving if they hear the word snowflake, much less see one.


So, you miss the actual day. You can spend the days you would have been visiting with family playing with all the new gifts you opened for Christmas. Go see all the people when the roads clear.

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What, everyone likes to get together? Okay, Facetime the gift opening, and everyone plans a time during better weather to meet then. It could be a spring family gathering or a summer getaway. It would avoid the stress of the packed airports and the concern of getting stuck due to bad weather.

The Santa Mailbox in Twin Falls

Send to Santa and get a note back.

Top 10 Worst States For A Holiday Vacation

The study took into account several factors, such as snow likelihood, availability and affordability of accommodations, the number of winter markets, shopping facilities, and overall festive atmosphere. Unfortunately, Idaho fell short in these categories, dimming its holiday appeal.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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