It is nice to see that some things never change. The mysterious booms seem to have made a come back to the Twin Falls area. I heard it at my home near O'Leary Middle School and I know others have as well.

The booms that "aren't" military, not sky quakes, not earthquakes, not the breaking of the sound barrier have been a mystery for a long time in the area. Lots of people believe it is the military performing some kind of drills but when Mountain Home Air Force Based is asked about it, they state it was nothing that they did.

The booms have been reported today virtually all over Twin Falls. Some people said that the pictures on the walls have fallen off, some people said they heard it and felt it near Walmart. I live near O'Leary Middle School and heard it.

The mysterious booms are something I don't think we are ever going to get a full answer on. They always seem to happen right as the weather starts to change in the spring and the fall. Some people think it is underground activity, some think it is from the canyon, some think it is military. I don't honestly know but they are probably here to stay. I feel like people in the area have just accepted them as just another fun quirk that occasionally happens when you live here.

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