This story comes from England and the number seems really high . . . but it's possible it's true over here, too.

According to a new survey from Mashable, the average person is drunk in 76% of their tagged Facebook photos.  That's three out of every four.

Here's why.  Generally you're tagged in photos from nights out with friends . . . and that's when you're most likely to be drinking.  No one tags photos of you sitting in your cubicle or reading the Bible.

So even though you're not drunk three-quarters of the time . . . you just might be when your friends are taking your picture.

Here are some more results from the survey . . .

Only 12% of people have strict privacy settings on who can and can't see their photos.  26% let everyone in the world see their photos.

56% say they wouldn't want their coworkers to see their drunk photos.

And 8% say drunk photos might cause serious issues at work.

All I have to say is keep an eye on your drunk never know who's watching.

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