We reached out to current and former Twin Falls residents to get advice for Magic Valley newcomers. Here's what they came up with.

Amanda:  Avoid Blue Lakes traffic at all costsIt's our busiest road and the most congested during peak traffic. If you're used to 'big' city traffic, Blue Lakes is a walk in the park. 

Ines:  Get rid of the California license plates.  If you came to Idaho to get away from California life, you'll have a better chance of blending in if you don't advertise that you just sold your 600 square-foot studio in California for $500k and bought a 2000 square-foot home in Idaho for half the price. We don't hate you, we're just jealous.

Janelle:  Wave to the farmers you will inevitably be stuck behind. It's a beautiful way of life a lot of people don't get to experience. Janelle is right. It's not a matter of IF you'll get stuck behind a farm implement, but WHEN. That's life in Idaho. Enjoy the view.

Meagan:  There are guns everywhere and people like them here. Might as well deal with it.  Whether it's for hunting or safety, a large number Idahoans practice open and conceal carry. Don't freak out. These are the good guys.

Jan:  Be prepared for the sugar beet processing smell. We'll add to that dairy and the waste treatment facility in the canyon. When the wind blows just right, we sometimes have an interesting mix of odors.

Jeanette: Be prepared for all four seasons in one week. Give it a month and you'll totally get it.

Malanie: If you're from the South, we don't have the same kinda food. No real BBQ place, no grits or fried okra, no Piggly Wiggly and for sure no boiled peanuts! Twin Falls has great food and no shortage of Mexican restaurants, but you won't find much in the way of authentic BBQ... Southern, Texas, or otherwise.

Rachel:  Fry sauce. Lots and lots of fry sauce.  If you come from anywhere outside of Idaho and maybe Utah, you've probably never heard of it. Find a burger place and ask for extra. You're in for a treat.

Terry: Breathe, look at all of the open sky, the stars, enjoy the people, recreation opportunities, RVing, Fishing, Hunting by gun or camera, skiing both water and snow, hiking & exploring. Do you like the outdoors? If you said 'yes', you're going to love it here.

Kim: Find and talk to the locals, like myself, who have been here all their life... who know the town and it's cool history and landmarks!  Get to know your neighbors. They can give you tips about the coolest places to visit, the best schools and best places to eat.

Bonus tip from the team at Townsquare Media: If you have a trampoline and want to keep it, anchor that sucker to the ground. Southern Idaho winds like to eat trampolines and lawn furniture for dinner. 

Is there anything you'd like to add to the list? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think Twin Falls newcomers should know before moving here.

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