Sometimes there is no arguing with a teenager. Correction, there is no winning an argument with a teenager. Everything is boring, lame, stupid, or other names we can’t use publicly. No matter what, dissatisfaction is the norm.

Family outings are met with derision. Adolescents no longer desire to spend endless hours playing Monopoly games at home or participate in family pickleball tournaments. When time with family is not demanded by using threats of social media removal, what is there for said juveniles to do that won’t end with a phone call from an authority figure in a uniform?

Keep Teens Busy and Entertained In Twin Falls All Summer

Providing different options in a quietly sneaky way might prevent eye rolls and outright denial. Make no verbal contact. Leave notes strategically where they are likely to be seen. Forward links to their email or social media accounts. Use similar tactics until said surly child takes the initiative to ask about what is going on.

Try offering them this.

With the E Teen Program, parents need only sign a form. The $10 membership can be mitigated by a scholarship if needed. Teens can take it from there. They can even bring a cohort once per week. What they would like to do every Wednesday and Friday from 2 PM to 6 PM is between them and the E Street Community Center.

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Between parents and places like the community center, perhaps this summer won’t be as unpleasant as it could be.

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