Sometimes summer heat can get the best of us. We can only stand the pruney fingers from water activities so much. The smell of sunscreen may become nauseating. How much bug spray can be applied before it becomes toxic? It’s time to take a break from summer at the library.

The Twin Falls Public Library has July activities that will help clear up summertime blues. Bask in the glory of this air-conditioned establishment of learning as you entertain yourself with various activities assisted by city employees who are enjoying the solar flare and bug-free environment.

How Can the Twin Falls Library Supply Relief From Summer Doldrums?

Adults have an opportunity to divert their attention from grown-up concerns about mortgages, college funds, and tax exemptions with distractions such as cooking, trivia night, painting, playing games, and improv comedy.

If teens are being particularly surly, parents can find relief by encouraging participation in cooking classes and making murals. They may be able to join Dungeons & Dragons, the Genealogy workshop, or painting depending on their proclivities and age.

Kids and tweens have opportunities to get out before it gets too hot with Naturebrary, art, wildflower bombs, STEM activities, and a firetruck visit. And the whole family can enjoy Saturday movie matinees, storytelling, game night, and improv comedy.

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Clearly, the Twin Falls Public Library has its citizens’ needs in mind. The library has so much more than books. There are many different distractions and relief from heat, bugs, and sometimes even each other.

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