Should Teens Have Smartphones? [Poll]
My 12 year old step-son thinks he needs an iPhone. I think he's out of his mind, and quite frankly it's out of the question. It's a matter of cost for my family, but first and foremost I simply don't think teens should have smartphones.
How Much is too Much Privacy for a Teenager?
Here’s a tough one for you.
I got the evil eye the other day when I was talking to some friends about teenagers and house rules.
They have a teenage daughter and her boyfriend comes by to visit from time to time.  They said that at 17, their daughter was entitled to a little bit o…
Teens Enjoy $5 All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes For 24 Hours
We all know teenage boys can eat, but we didn't realize they can't stop.
A group of seven teenage boys in Southern California went to a Denny’s for the chain's $5 all-you-can-eat pancake special last weekend. No big deal, right? Well, it is when you consider they remained at the restaurant for 24 hou…
A 15-Year-Old Shoots Her Dad With a Bow-and-Arrow For Taking Her Phone
I am sure you remember being young and getting mad at your parents that you may have thought about hurting them. That doesn't mean that you would actually hurt them, right? This is not only always the case check out this crazy story from Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
On Wednesday night, in Tahuya, Wash…

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