If you have been listening to Brad and Courtney on KEZJ this week, you may have heard the friendly debate between whether or not burnt toast that has had the burn scraped off has a different flavor than normal toast. Well, we decided to put it to the test.

I said that I would be able to taste the difference between burnt toast that had been scraped and nonburnt toast. So we brought in some bread and butter and toasted it. One piece we kind of ruined, so it went in the garbage, but the other one was pretty on point.

We may have forgotten a blindfold, so I did the right thing and just closed my eyes while Brad mixed up the two pieces of toast so I couldn't tell which piece was which.

Seriously, I can definitely taste the difference between the two and we also found out that Brad should stop betting against me. I am 3 and 0 on bets against him!

What do you think...should burnt toast be scraped off and eaten or should it go straight in the trash?

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