It is worrisome when a large chain decides to close an established location. Troubles on the horizon for big box stores is always a shadow on the thoughts of shoppers. Toys ‘R’ Us, Circuit City, and Bed Bath and Beyond are alarming examples.

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Like pruning a tree with too many limbs, or a plant with sickly shoots, some retailers choose to close particular locations so that others can thrive. Target appears to be taking that approach.

  • New York will see a store close in a Harlem neighborhood after attempts to reduce theft and protect workers failed.
  • Seattle, Washington is losing 2 locations due to theft and crime, but there are still 22 others in the area. 90 employees will lose positions after Christmas.
  • Maryland has a store closing. It is one of many smaller stores with only 20,000 square feet of retail space, whereas a typical store averages about 130,000 square feet.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota is another smaller store that closed earlier this year. It was a victim of arson in January.
  • California is losing 3 stores in the San Francisco/Oakland market. These locations are security concerns as well, but there are 32 others in the area.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania lost a small format store due to lack of foot traffic. The neighborhood also recently lost a Wawa convenience store.
  • Virginia is losing a store that only recently opened in 2018. Its 30 employees had the opportunity to move to other Target locations.
  • Portland, Oregon is closing 3 stores. Security and theft caused 150 people to be laid off.

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