Over the last few years, it seems that multiple stores and restaurant chains have been closing locations across the country. One of the states most hit hard by these closures has been California. While part of that is due to having more locations than other states, they are feeling the effects more than other places. Another once-popular food chain has been closing stores, and by the end of the year could be entirely out of business. California is one of the remaining states that will feel the biggest effect if this happens. What restaurant is it and why is it closing locations rapidly?

Boston Market Could Be Out of Business by the End of 2024

The once-popular restaurant chain, Boston Market is likely closing this year, as things are not looking good. The company has attempted to file bankruptcy multiple times since the start of the year, but all cases have been dismissed, after failing to provide enough information. The dismissals have led to a 6-month ban until the company can file for bankruptcy again. The store chain once had over 300 locations across the country, and now likely has less than a hundred. The site is behind on updating its current locations, but it is speculated that the number is close to around 30 locations left. With financial issues already, it is assumed that the businesses will likely not be able to stay afloat much longer, and growing the franchise is not currently an option. 

Boston Market in California

For those unfamiliar with Boston Market, their main food is similar to that of a Thanksgiving feast, with chicken, corn, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and much more. They make for a great home-cooked style lunch and dinner and are a change of pace from most fast food restaurants. If you are lucky enough to still have one close by, you may want to head out and get a meal or two before it is too late. For more on Boston Market, you can click on the link in this paragraph, and for more on them potentially going out of business, you can click the link in the paragraph above.

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It is sad to see another chain closing and potentially going out of business. There have been far too many closings in the last few years. Hope is that the chain can find a way to turn things around, but it isn't looking good. Thank you, Boston Market, for all the good food and memories, you will be missed.

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