Sure there are plenty of famous waterfalls. Idaho is home to plenty. There may even be a couple nearby. Not that you are allowed to see them, but they are there. Someday, there might even be water. There’s a live stream video to watch, perhaps that will help you feel better.

There seems to be a discrepancy between descriptions of Idaho waterfalls and their statistics. Is semantics involved in the title of the tallest waterfall in Idaho, or is it numbers? What is considered the tallest?

Where is the Tallest Waterfall in Idaho?

According to the USDA Forest Service,

Just 50 miles east of Moscow, Idaho, visitors will find The Elk Creek Falls Recreation Area, home to the Elk Creek Falls National Recreation Trail, possessing the tallest waterfall in the state of Idaho.

While no one will say this waterfall is not beautiful and worth every step on the easy hike it takes to see it, is it the tallest?

Northwest Waterfall Survey states that the tallest waterfall is Goat Falls. An 8-mile trek does not sound like a nice afternoon stroll. This seems to be more along the lines of a camping adventure.

Goat Falls sits at an elevation of 7,964 feet and is 650 feet tall. Why would Elk Falls consisting of 3 falls beginning at an elevation of 2,674 feet and 140 feet long in total say that it is the tallest? By the numbers, there are many Idaho waterfalls taller than Elk Falls. Do we disregard Grave Peak, Mist, or Shoshone Falls?

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