I want to be clear that no bears were harmed in the making of this video. It was an innocent moment when a bear misjudged a stream and ended up going over one of the waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park.

This is one memory from Yellowstone you might not remember for a number of reasons. First of all, it happened in the fall of 2009. That's like ancient history now. The other reason you may not have seen this moment is it didn't make the national news. It was just an innocent share from a Yellowstone visitor with not many subscribers.

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Here's how it happened. A tourist grabs the phone when they see a bear. It's on a nearby river bank just doing bear things when it wanders into the water. What happens next is classic. The bear goes for a trip down the river and over a small waterfall. Listen close to the crowd give the bear a huge ovation once he successfully escapes the river.

The comments on YouTube were classic:

"he looks back like "I knew what i was doing"

"I love how you can hear the clapping for the bear. There is hope for us yet."

"That's how bears use the Yellowstone transit system."

Hilarious. This short but sweet Yellowstone bear moment has been watched well over 300,000 over the past dozen years. It's one of the flashbacks we enjoy the most where no tourists were misbehaving and no animals or people were harmed.

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