This weekend the Magic Carpet officially opens up at Soldier Mountain. The ski resort in Fairfield will be operational Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, December 10th through December 12th.

The Magic Carpet at Soldier Mountain is a ton of fun

The Magic Carpet opens Friday so if you are looking for a way to either learn how to ski or snowboard, or you are trying to teach a kid how to do so, this is a great opportunity for you. The magic carpet is basically for the bunny hill. It is the smallest option for skiers and snowboarders.

The full resort is not open

The only reason the magic carpet is open this weekend is because of the resort's ability to make its own snow. So no chairlifts will be operating because there is still not enough snow on the ground for the full resort to be functional. They are tentatively opening the full resort on December 16th as long as they get more snow. So pray for snow.

Deals for the weekend and other opportunities

The resort is offering an all-day magic carpet pass, a group lesson, and rentals for $50 dollars which is pretty great. If you are more advanced and don't plan on utilizing the magic carpet, they are also taking reservations for their backcountry snowcat skiing operations. If you are into that sort of thing

You can get more information about Soldier Mountain at their website.

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