The internet is an amazing source of information. The bad news is that all the information online is not true! I could easily write that I am the most handsome and richest man in the world - but that doesn't make it true...but maybe it is. You have to do some digging when facts are thrown at you online to see if they are true or not.

This is a 'fact' that I have been seeing lately on Facebook. People seem to think that feeding their dog ice will kill the dog. False. Unless your dog is in the throes of heat stroke and you give them ice - that could cause them harm. The same as with humans if you cause such a dramatic change too quickly to the body it can be bad...but for the most part ice + dog is fine.

Granted there is a chance that your dog can choke on a piece of ice. But you run that risk with anything they eat...and ice is definitely one of the least disgusting and seemingly harmful things they eat (like poop).

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