I honestly don't know why it is still so hard for Magic Valley businesses to find help. If you look, everywhere is hiring. Bill Kyle with McDonald's stated they could use another 100 plus employees. Other businesses are struggling to keep the doors open.

If you look at places like Dairy Queen, the sign outside their business almost regularly states things like "need help", "Desperately hiring" and "Extremely Short Handed". Good on them for letting people know just how hard it is right now.

On business in Rupert called Doc's Pizza actually posted on their Facebook that they closed Friday July 16th and Saturday July 17th due to lack of staff. They said they are sad and frustrated but need more help if you know anyone looking for a job. They are hosting open interviews even.

I  have a friend that works at Jaker's and she has only had one day off since about July 4h when she requested it off weeks in advance for another event she was actually working.

It isn't just restaurants and fast food. I know someone who runs a cleaning company and can't find people to apply and show up to interviews let alone hire a reliable employee.

Everywhere is hiring but it seems like no one wants a job. I am not sure if it is because people are already working or what. It is my understanding extra benefits ended a while ago. I hope we don't lose amazing businesses because they can't find help.

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