I am learning things daily about this great state. I found some interesting facts about Idaho that seem almost too strange to be true, but they are. Some of them are just fascinating. 

Did you know that Idaho's biggest export is actually integrated circuits like memory chips? Besides being the United States biggest producer of potatoes, we have a lot of exported electronics apparently.

Did you know that Idaho is known world wide for their lentils? Idaho is the Lentil Capital of the World.

Did you know that Idaho is bigger than all of New England combined? In case you are like me and aren't good at geography, that includes Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Did you know the combined wilderness in Idaho is larger than the United States 3 smallest states combined? So our forest areas are larger than the combination of Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut.

Did you know that Idaho does touch the Canadian border, but it only shares 45 miles with the border? That isn't even 2 lengths of a marathon, for those who like to run. Basically those who really enjoy running could easily run the border. Just don't forget your passport.

Did you know that Idaho is the only state that had a woman design their state seal? Surprisingly progressive.

Did you know that at Heaven's Gate Lookout you can see three other states, Washington, Montana and Oregon. Obviously, Idaho as well.

Did you know that the straw bale maze in Rupert actually holds the Guinness World Record for longest straw maze? That is something I could get lost in.

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