Idaho was one of the few states that didn't embrace the Star Card also known as the Real ID. It is a new license that you need to have if you want to fly in a commercial airplane or go into Federal government buildings. That is not the case, however, if you have a passport, military ID, or another form of federally accepted ID.

Star Card Read ID Deadline Extension

The deadline to get the Star Card has been extended several times. As of right now, you have until May 7th, 2025 to get a Star Card, passport, or military ID to board a plane or get into some federal buildings. That gives you two more years to get the card before you need it in your possession.

How To Get A Star Card

You need to go to the Drivers License department in the DMV. You will need to bring something that proves your identity currently. You can do that with a passport or a certified birth certificate. Those are just two options, there are other documents you can find here that are also acceptable. Make sure that your current full legal name is on that document and one that it is not a copy, it must be an original.

You will also need one document that contains your current name and social security number. A Social Security Card is good, you can also use a W-2 or pay stub with your name and number on it.

Finally, you need to prove that you live in Idaho. You must provide two documents such as a w-2, pay stub, school enrollment records, lease agreement, mortgage deed, and record of property taxes, among other things. There is a full list of acceptable documentation on the website.

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