Chris Ware / Keystone Features, Getty Images

Southern Idaho Tourism recently shared some of their favorite frightening destinations in the region for Halloween revelers to check out.

Most Magic Valley residents are familiar with places like the mansions of Albion, Twin Falls' Haunted Swamp and other popular Halloween destinations the area has to offer. My family and I had a great time getting stalked by the volunteers at the CSI Haunted Corn Maze last year. However, if you are looking to do some further exploration of southern Idaho for spooky spots to enjoy with friends or family, then you might want to jot a couple of these recommendations down from Southern Idaho Tourism.

From opera houses to gravesites, taverns to ranches, and abandoned school buildings to elaborately-designed corn mazes, our area of Idaho offers a great deal of historically creepy attractions for people to check out in October.

To see what made Places You'll See's top haunted spot in Idaho, you can click here.


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