The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is asking the public to stop dropping off animals during business and non-business hours at their front door. They request that you take the proper precautions to make sure the pets are safe at the shelter, especially during overnight hours.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter shared photos of a man who left a box of 9 three week old puppies in a box at the front door of the shelter. It was Sunday night when the low temperatures were in single digits.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is asking people to not abandon pets during regular business hours, let alone at night. During that same night, a litter of 5 kittens was left outside the building as well. It is unclear if it was done by the same person at this point.

Thankfully it appears they had blankets and a stuffed animal to play with. The pups are adorable and it is possible that they are from two different liters. They look healthy as well so, fingers crossed, they will be able to get adopted fairly easily. I mean, look at those faces.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is asking for the publics' help identifying the person who left the animals at the front door. If you have any information people contact the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. There are no criminal charges being posed, I have a feeling they want to know more about the dogs.

We do not know the situation that led this person to do this, there are two sides to every story.

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