The weather this week in the Magic Valley has been unpredictable, cold, windy, and wet, and has had many having to make adjustments. Due to the forecast, many schools have closed this week, some roads have closed, and even a few businesses. It has left children, parents, employees, employers, and everyone to adjust their schedules and figure out what is and is not open these days. On Friday high winds, and potential heavy snowfall have had some businesses deciding to call it a day and to start their weekend early. Here are some of the businesses in the Magic Valley that are closed this Friday.

Businesses Closed in the Magic Valley on Friday, January 12

  • Camas County Courthouse
  • Jerome County Courthouse
  • Magic Mountain Ski Resort
  • Pomerelle Ski Resort
  • Lincoln County Community Center

As more businesses are announced as closed, the list will be updated. Continue to check back frequently if you are planning on going out today. 

Snowstorm in the Magic Valley

Credit: Irina Igumnova
Credit: Irina Igumnova

The snowstorm has made its way into the Magic Valley and is expected to continue into Saturday. This means that there is a possibility for some store and business closures for the weekend as well, depending on what happens going forward and how bad the roads get. If anything is closed over the weekend, it will be updated, so make sure to check back. 

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It is best to stay at home if you can, but if you must get out, make sure to be cautious, drive safely, and take your time.

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