There is a big debate going on since the weather decided to go all ‘Day After Tomorrow’ on us. Is it a jerk move to call out for dinner to get delivered during a blizzard? That could be any severe weather. Blizzard is just the most recent.

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Credit Canva

There is a slew of people working at many restaurants in the Magic Valley. When bad weather hits, it is regrettable that those wonderful food service industry individuals won’t be making much money that day. It’s not safe to drive on slick and snowy roads, so patrons opt to stay home.

Should You Order Out Food Delivered in Bad Weather?

Potential dine-in customers who err on the side of caution and stay home for the evening find themselves with quite a conundrum. Should they scrounge through the back of the pantry to piece a dinner together, or call for delivery? Should these hungry individuals suffer during the inclement weather? Is it bad form to stay home to stay safe only to endanger the delivery driver’s life in pursuit of intestinal gratification?

Do Restaurants Want You to Order for Delivery During Bad Weather?

If nobody orders food during bad weather, won’t that be tough for the restaurant workers? They may get a small base pay per hour, but most workers make their living on tips. No food orders equal no dinner for them. Ordering for delivery in a blizzard supports the local economy during a rough time. Is it rude NOT to order food during bad weather?

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Let the Drivers Decide

Our listeners mentioned that delivery drivers can always say no. If it seems that the road is too bad to make a trip to your house, there may be no option but to gaze upon the last can of tomato soup in the house and wonder if it is time to share, or if it is more of an every man for himself scenario?

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Maybe drop the self-imposed guilt trip and order. If it is absolutely too bad, the restaurant will say so. Just be patient if it takes longer to get the food and leave a big tip. Not everybody cares enough about their fellow man to order out during bad weather. Onward, food hero.

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