Attention all skiers and snowboarders, or just people who love snow in general, the first snow of the season has officially fallen on Magic Valley ski resorts. And we are hoping this means good news for the upcoming season.

Pomerelle Moutain Resort Got Some Decent Snow

You have to check out the snow that fell at Pomerelle. The live camera from Sunday was stunning. The snow just kept falling. Very soon those lifts and slopes are going to be open for anyone who wants to play in the snow. It is amazing what can happen in just 24 hours. It looks like they got a couple of inches up there.

First Snow Falls At Magic Mountain Ski Resort

Magic Mountain Ski Resort got a healthy helping of snow too. The South Hills has officially been coated in the white fluffy snow and Magic Mountain Ski Resort couldn't be happier. Again, it won't be long until those slopes and lifts are up and running. Magic Mountain also does some really fun events like night tubing and other fun events.

Even if you are someone that isn't a big fan of the snow, you have to admit this is good for Idaho. With the drought over the last couple of years and the incredibly hot summer, the precipitation is welcomed. Now, if we could just get snow without the frigid wind making the temps feel -40 degrees outside, I would be a little happier. But I will take what I can get. This is great news for the people running these businesses and promising for those who love to spend the winter on the mountains.

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