Right now, there is technically no Federal Law banning animal cruelty. Recently, they have been trying to change that. Right now in Idaho, animal cruelty is generally considered a misdemeanor.

Under the proposed Federal Law, animal cruelty would be considered a felony. The problem is trying to define exactly what constitutes animal cruelty. Are we talking a pet that may have gotten left outside while it was cold outside but brought inside before any adverse reaction happened or are we talking torture.

According to sources, the proposed bill adds on to the one passed in 2010 that made the filming and distribution of animal cruelty videos illegal. This makes the act itself illegal.

I think everyone can agree that torturing an animal should be a crime, but dwindling it down to specifics is where I think the biggest problems are going to surface. As of 2016 Idaho had passed it's own animal cruelty laws defining what is considered cruelty.

Should this be a state or federal decision?

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