The Washington State Patrol is reporting that they retrieved a severed arm along I-82 in Kennewick after a call was made to the Department. WSP was dispatched to check it out.

Our favorite WSP trooper C. Thorson took to his Twitter account to display the found arm. I'm thinking this arm is a little suspicious-looking don't you?


Trooper Thorson described the incident as follows:

We received a 911 call from a person who saw a severed arm thrown from a car seven days ago on I-82 in Kennewick. We are not sure why it took seven days to call it in but troopers responded and quickly found the arm...

Trooper Thorson does raise some interesting questions like why the person waited seven days to call about the arm.

I'm curious how many people drove by the arm and did a second take thinking that they didn't see the arm laying on the roadside. I think I would've kept driving but I'm sure my wife would've wanted to pull over and touch it.

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