I wish I could say it was for better circumstances. Jars are popping up at all sorts of businesses all over Twin Falls as a way to help support a Twin Falls woman who lost her brother and mother in a short amount of time. The community has come together to help.

This Friday, October 25, a community-wide event called "A Day For Dakota" is happening in memory of her mother Maria Grata. Maria passed away shortly after losing her son, who is Dakota Grata's brother. If you go to businesses like The Buckle, Scooters, Guppies, Milner's Gate, Elevation 486, Blu, Windbreak 55, Jersey Mikes, Bridge Street coffee, The Brickhouse, The Cove, Burger Stop, Jakers, Apricot Home, Black Label Parlor a portion of the proceeds will go to help Dakota who is struggling after losing her family.

There are donation jars all over town at the places listed above as well as White Mortuary, Reynolds Funeral Chapel, Sunset Memorial and many others. If you see a jar and knew Maria Grata or Daniel (Maria's son and Dakota's brother), all the proceeds from those jars will go to Dakota during her time of need.

Even if you know nothing of this family, like me, you have to admit it is pretty amazing the type of community we live in and how so many businesses are so willing to band together to help someone. Maria worked in hospitality for over 25 years and Dakota is a server at Jakers now. They have made careers out of serving the community.

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