Giving red roses on Valentine's Day is kind of 'safe,' so some guys like to branch out.  But BEWARE . . . the magazine "Marie Claire" says the flowers you pick might send the wrong message. 

#1.)  Yellow Tulips. 

They mean you're hopelessly in love with her, but you're worried she's not that into you.

 #2.)  Orchids.  They supposedly represent "refined beauty", but "Marie Claire" also says they make you look pretentious.

 #3.)  Pink Carnations.  They represent "a mother's love", so they're more appropriate for Mother's Day than Valentine's Day.

 #4.)  Coriander.  It's actually an herb, but it's used as filler in bouquets.  And according to "Marie Claire", it represents "lust".

 #5.)  Peonies.  They look kind of like carnations and represent "shame and bashfulness" . . . so your woman might think you're having an affair.  (???)

 Anyway . . . let's thank "Marie Claire" for adding even more anxiety to a 'holiday' that already has enough.  And remember:  Buying ANY kind of flowers on Valentine's Day is better than not buying them at all. 

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