Learning about a diagnosed illness is not a bad thing. It’s when patients try to diagnose themselves before they ever walk into their medical provider’s office that problems arise. Preconceived ideas that they suffer from a rare disorder that affects .0001 percent of the population is never a fun thing to work out.

But in that research, what if there is a pod of unexplained similar pain described by multiple people nearby? Could it be a microscopic hole in the ozone layer? Maybe aliens are abducting people from a particular region and doing similar experiments on them.

What are the Most Searched Pains in Each State?

Now that all the preamble is done, what is Idaho’s most searched ache? These searches aren’t necessarily just about self-diagnosis. It could be that people are looking for advice from others with the same issue, or alternative treatments that may be available. What is the biggest search for pain across the states?

Credit Coventry Direct
Credit Coventry Direct

Well, well, well. You put a big word on a very particular problem. Dysmenorrhea is a specific pain that affects those who have a uterus. Period pains can be debilitating to some people and indicate other problems such as endometriosis. Admit it, you thought it was a gut problem brought on by eating ‘zombie deer disease’ infected meat.

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Persons residing in Wyoming can’t lasso as much as they want. Vermont residents aren’t doing much hiking or snowshoeing with those bad knees. Montana isn’t going to be in the front of the ballet class because of their weak ankles. Nobody from Arkansas is winning any pitching competitions with bad shoulders. I think Idaho should challenge them all to a bowling tournament.

Everyday Activities that Count as Exercise in Idaho

Lucky for us, this is Idaho and even without hitting a gym, we do a lot of things every day that can be counted as exercise. Your body doesn’t care if you are sitting at a weight machine or lifting heavy things outdoors, what really matters is that you are doing something physical.

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