Scooters Chillin' and Grillin made the announcement on their Facebook page yesterday that they would be temporarily closed due to a staff member getting sick.

They did say it was unclear if their employee had Coronavirus and that it was a precaution until they could guarantee the health and safety of everyone. It should only be closed down a couple of days which is good news. Scooters Facebook page also said that they had never had anyone with COVID symptoms in direct contact with staff or customers so to keep that streak going they are closing.


While they are closed they will be sanitizing and cleaning the restaurant and bar to ensure that when they reopen everything is going to be squeaky clean. It is also unclear when they plan on reopening. They are going to make sure they monitor all of their staff to ensure everyone in healthy before they bring them back into the building.

I really hope that no one actually has COVID at Scooters and that this is all just a precautionary thing. It is really sad that this business is going to be taking a bit of a hit and having to close down, and I am even more sad that I can't get my parmesan garlic fry fix from them. They do have some amazing fries. We hope they open back up sooner rather than later.


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