The Twin Falls School District made the announcement that school will start back up on August 16th and this year they are offering counseling for students. The school district said they are aiming to address student mental health and support families in the community.

The district said they will offer five counseling sessions for each student and their families. The sessions are actually going to be free for everyone, the students and the family members. According to the Twin Falls School District these sessions can be offered in person or virtually.

The Twin Falls School District also stated there will be a 24 hours a day 7 days a week crisis hotline for families and individuals who need help immediately. Additional information will be emailed to families by the Twin Falls School District.

I think something like this is fantastic. You never know what a child or their family is going through and this could be a great way to address some of the things that might be hindering academic performance for children and maybe build better and stronger families. Communication can be incredibly difficult between children and their parents.

If you want more information about the upcoming counseling sessions that are going to be offered to all students and their families for free you can follow the Twin Falls School District website and keep an eye out for more program information that they will be sending out.

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