Back to School

Friendly Reminder Free Food For All Twin Falls SD Students
Just a friendly reminder that this year the Twin Falls School District will be providing free breakfast and lunches to all students this year. If you have a child going to school in a Twin Falls School District school, you don't have to worry about packing them a lunch if you don't want to…
School Starts Aug 16th For TFSD, Offering Free Counseling
The Twin Falls School District made the announcement that school will start back up on August 16th and this year they are offering counseling for students. The school district said they are aiming to address student mental health and support families in the community.
Students Return To School
Schools in the Magic Valley don't follow the same schedule. Each school or school district has their own yearly calendar that their students follow.
Best Part About Back To School
It's official. Every school in the Magic Valley is back in session. Twin Falls School District has been in session for almost 3 weeks while Xaviar Charter School and Filer School District are just beginning.
Backpacks in Twin Falls Schools
UPDATE, Monday August 29th - The Twin Falls School District has just released the following statement.
The middle school leadership teams are also exploring the idea of letting students bring clear backpacks to help with carrying supplies and alleviating security concerns.

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